History of Reflexology

Reflexology has a long history – the Chinese are known to have practised a form of foot pressure therapy and in the 7th Century BC the first medical school was established in China teaching amongst other things, foot pressure massage.

The Ancient Egyptians depicted on their tombs drawings of specific illustrations of hand and foot massage.

More recently in the early years of this century Dr. H Bressler undertook a major investigation into foot pressure point therapy. His work was further developed by Dr. W Fitzgerald who used it to anaesthetise patients during minor surgery. His research led him to use the term ZONAL THERAPY.

A Doctor who was a student of Dr. Fitzgerald had an assistant called Eunice Ingham, she studied zonal therapy and developed the zonal concepts onto specific anatomical Relationships of the feet. Her technique was Called “The Ingham Compression Method of Reflexology” and through extensive lectures she brought Reflexology to worldwide attention.