What to expect during a treatment

Treatments are usually up to 45 minutes long but the first can be up to an hour, maybe longer, as it includes a consultation. This consists of a questionnaire detailing the client’s medical history, lifestyle, hobbies, diet etc. and is a good time to discuss any problems the client may have (if they wish to do so) to get a picture of the person as a whole. Here the Reflexologist decides which areas of the feet need to be concentrated on and discuss this with the client.

The main treatment begins with the client being asked to either lie or sit down (whichever is best for them) and put their feet up. The treatment then starts proper (often accompanied by relaxing music) with some massage techniques and breathing exercises to relax the client. Then using a soothing wax the Reflexologist begins to make small caterpillar-like movements with the thumb, over the entire foot concentrating on the areas that need the most work.

The feelings a client can experience when a blockage has been found varies from a rippling as though sand were under the skin to sharp stabbing pain, this pain can seem worse during the first treatment, this does not necessarily indicate a severe disorder and can sometimes be caused by tension in that person. Eventually, however, the client should feel the benefit of the treatments and find them relaxing experiences.

The treatment ends after both feet have been completed with massage techniques and perhaps a visualization breathing exercise to round it off.